How small businesses can reduce the risk of fraud

Every year in Australia the small to medium business segment loses millions of dollars to fraudulent activity.  Sometimes the perpetrator is unknown to the business using sophisticated technology to extract funds. In many cases the fraud is committed by a staff member who is operating right under the owner’s nose.  Often the fraud occurs over…
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Key Performance Indicators

Imagine driving a car that has no speedometer or fuel gauges.  This car has broken headlights and no indicators. Feeling Nervous? Or what if your car dashboard displayed the temperature outside and how often the car stopped and started? Is this information helpful to understand the performance of your vehicle and steer you in the…
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3 ways to get expense data in Xero

One of the most excruciating pain points for small businesses is dealing with the vast amount of receipts and supplier invoices.  Jokes abound that some owners would prefer to go through root canal than focus on this area of their business. We all know it’s vital that expenses are recorded in your accounting system completely,…
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