Are all CFO advisors the same?

No. CFO advisors have different qualifications and experiences. We are highly qualified advisors with designations that are relevant to modern day accounting and finance needs. We have experience working in a wide variety business sizes, industries and functions. We’ve had to solve complex problems in large corporates, and we know how to be innovative, practical and flexible for small business. Read more on Who We Are.

When do I need a CFO?

Every business is different.  Deciding on when to engage a CFO advisor is rarely based on size alone.  If you’re not sure whether you need a CFO, call us for a no-obligation chat to discuss whether our services are suitable for you. But to give you guidance, here's a list of of some tell-tale signs:

  • you suspect systems and processes are inefficient
  • stakeholders such as banks, boards or other investors require more detailed performance information, e.g. forecasts, financial analysis, reports.
  • you're a start-up with substantial initial investment
  • you need help with strategic planning and finding financial answers to ‘what if…’
  • you want to take advantage of cloud-based systems
  • you need better control over costs or timing your capital investment
  • there are too many financial surprises, inaccurate reports, or compliance issues.

How important is technology?

Very. The landscape for system solutions available to small businesses is changing rapidly. For strong financial control and scalability of your business, it’s vital that you have a CFO advisor who is tech-savvy. We have years of experience auditing, implementing and using systems. And, we know how important it is to get the set up and the staff training right. We have a passion for cloud technology and the low-cost innovative solutions it provides to small business owners.

What if I change my mind or sell the business?

Our CFO Advisory service is ‘on demand’ so it’s flexible! You can cancel at any time.

I have a tax accountant, do I need a CFO?

Tax accountants and CFOs have different skill sets and each solves different business challenges you face. We have deep commercial accounting experience. We have strong skills in financial analysis, reporting, systems planning, operating efficiency, and cost management (just to name a few!). We have great relationships with our clients’ tax advisors so we can help you get tax planning right.

I have a bookkeeper, why do I need a CFO?

Firstly, great to hear that someone is keeping your books while you are out there growing the business! Secondly, there is a huge variety in the skills and quality of bookkeepers. If you have a great one that has excellent attention to detail and uses the accounting system functions effectively, then you're doing well. As your business grows and you need system add-ons, budgeting/forecasting, financial reporting for stakeholders etc. then it’s time to think about a CFO. We work with your bookkeeper - training them up to do as much as possible so we can keep costs lower for you.

Can I afford a CFO advisor?

Every business is different. They have different risks, financial scale and growth plans. To make sure our clients receive the value they deserve we tailor our CFO service to match their individual needs. With our flexible ‘on demand’ services you get value from a highly skilled finance expert for a fraction on the cost of having a full time employee. Apart from supporting our clients with valuable strategic planning advice, we’ve been able to identify significant cost savings.  If you are a growing small business, you may not be able to afford not to have one!


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