What's It About?

Whether you are responsible for the wise spending of some overhead expenditure or the overall financial performance of a business unit it's important to understand the accounting treatment and disclosure for transactions relevant to your area.

In this program we'll go through the 'little black book rules'  for the most common items in the profit and loss statement and balance sheet and de-mystify some of that accounting lingo for you.

And because of our commercial experience in senior finance roles we can take you beyond the rule book.  We'll workshop lots of examples that hone your skills on how to approach the

review of these items, the things to watch out for and the areas that require commercial judgement.

We encourage you to bring along your own financial information and reports. It's your opportunity to ask all those questions you've been wanting to ask for years.  And now you can in a safe and confidential environment.


  • Accounting rules for recognition, measurement and disclosure of common items in the P&L and Balance Sheet
  • Includes items such as inventory, fixed assets, provisions, contingencies and commitments, revenue, share capital and reserves
  • Identifying areas of accounting risk where more judgement is required to ensure appropriate accounting treatment and disclosure

Time Allocation %

Current and Non-Current Assets
Current and Non-Current Liabilities
Contingencies and Commitments
Equity and Profit and Loss items

Who Benefits?

  • People in decision-making roles with limited accounting or finance knowledge.
  • Includes managers to senior executives, directors and business owners

Assumed Knowledge

  • Some commercial business experience but not necessarily familiarity with accounting and finance.


  • Approximately six to ten hours depending on individual needs
  • Visual material supplied including small practical examples
  • Supply and discussion of own financial information



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