What's It About?


Whether you're starting a new business venture or growing an existing one, having the support of a CFO can be the key to your success.

Bookkeepers and tax advisers may answer some of your questions. But in time, you'll  need a commercial qualified accountant with other skills to help your business grow.

There's good news.

Our CFO on demand program gives small business owners the opportunity to access these skills on a flexible and affordable basis.

Our aim is to maximise use of your existing staff and provide only the extra skills and advice you need.

We take the pain out of operations by implementing smart and efficient cloud-based systems that save you money.

Our insights will help you understand your business' performance. Our business planning advice will help you optimise future investment.

Got questions?  Read our FAQs.

Not ready for a regular CFO? Consider our 'taster' here.

How we can help

  • Implement a cloud accounting system and train your staff to use it properly
  • Provide advice on selecting other 'add-on' systems
  • Help you find and hire great bookkeeping and finance staff
  • Setting disciplined procedures to optimise financial and operational control
  • Build forecasting tools for use in cashflow management, raising finance and strategic planning - supporting your investment decisions
  • Review your finances on monthly or quarterly basis - identifying challenges and opportunities
  • Build a performance culture with Key Performance Indicators
  • Manage company audits and correspondence with tax advisers

Most Common Time Allocation %

Systems and procedures
Budgeting and cashflow management
Financial reporting
Strategic planning

Who Benefits?

  • Small business owners and general managers of new and/or fast-growing business ventures
  • We work with many small businesses in hospitality, retail, professional services, construction, adventure and sport, and social enterprise

Assumed Knowledge

  • None.  We support all small business owners and their staff regardless of their current level of finance knowledge.


  • Skype screen share - it's fast and easy
  • Face to face meetings,  email and phone



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