What's It About?


The CFO Taster Workshop is for small businesses who are looking for some advice from a finance expert but are not ready for an on-going commitment.

Perhaps you are starting out and want to get your set up right from the get-go.

Or, maybe you have a bookkeeper and it’s time to step things up for faster growth.

Either way, our CFO Taster Workshop is the ultimate finance 'health check'.

Using our customised checklists we'll review your business and provide you with invaluable advice that will save you time and money in the future.


We'll workshop the key internal controls, structures and processes your businesses needs to create reliable and fast financial information.

The CFO Taster Workshop consists of:

  • Planning session (one hour)
  • Team talk session (three to five hours)
  • Progress review (one hour)

Contact us for a no-obligation chat to see if this program is right for you.

Or, read about our full CFO Advisory on Demand program here.


  • How to resource your bookkeeping function
  • Authorisations, authorities and approval limits
  • Internal controls to reduce the risk of fraud and inefficiencies
  • Accounting system options and possible add-ons
  • Document and receipt management
  • Setting up systems for fast and effective budgeting, cashflow forecasting and strategic planning
  • Performance reporting and managing stakeholders
  • Other topics relevant to your business as identified in planning session

Time Allocation %

Systems and processes
Financial performance and KPIs
Other topics specific to you

Who Benefits?

  • Small business owners
  • General Managers of small business operations
  • Accountants and bookkeepers for small business operations

Assumed Knowledge

  • None. We support all small business owners and their staff regardless of their current level of finance knowledge.


  • Planning: call or Skype
  • Team talk: on site workshop
  • Progress review: call or Skype
  • Supply and discussion of own financial information



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