What's It About?

Driving financial performance requires an assessment of an organisation's financial state and how it is moving over time.  In this program we focus on a variety of practices used to analyse financial statements and form opinions on financial performance.

We'll take a look at ratios and other forms of analysis that help you form opinions on liquidity, operating efficiency, financing and profitability.

And we know that your learning on 'driving financial performance' is not limited to understanding actual performance over time.  In a commercial environment executives and managers are constantly lured into the forecasting process and being held responsible

for delivering stretch-targets. We'll guide you through the sorts of questions you should ask your finance team so that you can aim for a forecast that is reasonable as it is ambitious.

Along the way you'll also build up skills that help you de-code variances between actual and forecast - critical for working your way successfully through month-end meetings!


  • Ratios and financial analysis of liquidity, operating performance, financing/leverage, and profitability
  • Benchmarking and industry performance comparisons
  • Warning signals for performance issues, cash flow management and the risk of insolvency
  • Strategic planning and the link to financial forecasting and financial performance

Time Allocation %

Ratio analysis
Warning signals
Strategic planning

Who Benefits?

  • People in decision-making roles with very limited accounting or finance knowledge.
  • Includes managers to senior executives, directors and business owners

Assumed Knowledge

  • Some commercial business experience but not necessarily familiarity with accounting and finance.


  • Approximately six to ten hours depending on individual needs
  • Visual material supplied including small practical examples
  • Supply and discussion of own financial information



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