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Add value in business meetings, join the finance discussion.

What is one of the easiest ways to get a good understanding of accounting and finance fundamentals? I am frequently asked this question by non-accountant business professionals who want to be part of the finance discussion in business meetings. Many managers and executives won’t dip a toe in the water and comment on the numbers…
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The Balance Sheet should not be the poor cousin

The other day I had a concerned phone call from a friend about the financials of her business. “Something isn’t right, but I just don’t know what”, she said. After a brief silence I responded. “Have you checked your balance sheet?” From that point, a little can of worms opened. Whether you’re a savvy small…
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Key Performance Indicators

Imagine driving a car that has no speedometer or fuel gauges.  This car has broken headlights and no indicators. Feeling Nervous? Or what if your car dashboard displayed the temperature outside and how often the car stopped and started? Is this information helpful to understand the performance of your vehicle and steer you in the…
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