What We Offer



Access to expert finance skills and advice on a consultancy basis.  For small business owners and their teams.

CFO Advisory puts expert finance advice into the hands of small business owners and their teams on a flexible basis.  It is a cost effective solution for growing small businesses.  Everyday we help small businesses take advantage of cloud-based systems, bed down efficient procedures, produce informative performance reports and plan for future investment.

  • Drive business performance
  • Streamline financial reporting
  • Transform your operations with cloud technology
  • Improve financial control and reduce risk
  • Get transparency and consistency to operations
  • Highly confidential





 A convenient and targeted method for executives, directors and small business owners to learn accounting and finance fundamentals.


Our programs are different to accounting courses.  They're flexible, targeted and there's no talk of debits and credits.  We create an engaging learning environment where you feel okay to be vulnerable about what you don't know. We draw on relevant materials from our programs to support learning objectives that are key for you. There is a high degree of flexibility as we spend longer on areas you need most and bypassing areas where you are already feeling capable.

  • Effective solution for specific knowledge gaps
  • Highly confidential
  • Flexible timing, at your pace
  • Convenient for time-poor people
  • Visual materials supplied
  • Option to bring your own financial information