Who We Work With



Small businesses owners' passion for what they do doesn’t always extend to the numbers.  But understanding your return on investment, working capital and cash flow requirements (just to name a few finance fundamentals) are vital to growing a successful business.  Rapid changes in technology are providing small businesses with new opportunities to save money and view financial performance with greater ease and clarity. We advise small business owners and their teams who are:

  • Starting up or investing in a new business
  • Seeking new finance from banks or equity partners
  • Increasing internal controls / improving operating efficiency
  • Creating performance orientated businesses






As an executive or manager in a large or listed company you are constantly expected to offer valuable commentary on the financial impact of business decisions.  Your contribution (or lack of) can define your career success and the organisation’s performance. Chances are you don’t want (or need) to be a finance expert but you want to feel comfortable, confident and capable contributing to discussions on the numbers.  We build the financial capability of executives and managers who are:

  • Preparing and transitioning to new roles
  • Joining a project or steering committee
  • Accepting subsidiary company director appointments
  • Participants on internal talent programs
  • Catching up on lost development time






Many directors are recruited to board positions for a specific expertise and/or their commercial accumen.   Not all directors have had significant exposure to accounting and finance. But directors have a duty by law to interpret and understand annual financial statements they sign off.

We build the financial capability of individuals who are:

  • Preparing for taking on a company director role
  • Recently appointed to company director role
  • Wanting to deepen financial knowledge and skills